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Time Management for University Students

Time Management for University Students: Essential Tool for Success.

Time Management for University Students
Time Management for University Students. At last, you finally made the cut in the university and everything will be smooth sailing from now on. All the hard work back in high school paid off, you thought.
Yes, all of your hard work back in high school really paid off. However, you should not assume that everything would be easy as a university student. Be prepared that it is going to be more hectic and stressful than what you went through in high school.
Many students assume that they can now take it easy once they reached college. They think like these because of what they heard from many university students about great parties and many friends to meet. This is a common misconception of many new university students.
Time Management for University Students. Being a university student means a lot more work and dedication to your studies, but it does not mean you should not have fun like what you heard about what other university students talk about.
So how can you mix studies and socialization?
The answer to that would be time management.
Planning to manage your time is not that easy, many university students often fail on achieving their goals and resulting in frustration because many of them set unrealistic goals. It is important that you should set goals that are both difficult to achieve but achievable.
Time Management for University Students. There are many factors that you should consider when doing a time management plan. You should not only set specific goals, but also set time on when you will be working on it.
As you can imagine, there are many things to do as a university students. Your parents are not there to help you, you have to do every little thing and some of them may be time consuming.
Always remember that you will be living in the university campus or nearer and this means that all the amenities of home will not always be there. You have to drive to the laundry, do your groceries and cook your own food. It can be very difficult to adjust being a university student, especially if you are a freshman.
It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and at the same time study. There will be no parents telling you to do your homework. There will also be no one to assign what time you should go home.
You might think that all these are very good that there are no nagging parents to tell you what to do. Nevertheless, this is to train you to become responsible for yourself.
You will be tempted to go to parties on study night since no one will tell you that you are not allowed and you have all the time you have.
While it is true you can do whatever you want with your time while in the university, passing every exam should be one of your long-term goal. In order to achieve this, you have to study hard and know how to manage your time.
Here are some tips on how to manage your time:
Set a number of goals that you can achieve. Having too little will give you no satisfaction and often does not give the desired results and having too much will often result in failure and frustration. Achieve this by thinking of different goals and writing them down, always remember to be realistic.
After you wrote it down, the next step would be to determine the most important goals you have to achieve. Pick on how many you can achieve in a specific period.
The next step would be prioritizing your goals. Try to think of what is the most important goal you want to achieve and prioritize them.
Next would be planning it. Set an everyday schedule of task, it is important to follow everything you listed down. Always welcome the free time in your class, for example, the professor is late for 15 minutes. Use this free time to study or review your notes to get ready for exams that your professor might give.
Since this is just your first day of time management, it will not always be perfect. If you see something wrong or seem to have miscalculated the time, change it. Do not force yourself on work you can no longer do just to achieve it. This kind of attitude will only be stressful for you.
Always include in your daily schedule on what time you should sleep. Always welcome a break. You must know that sleep is an important factor in time management. If you study too hard and rest too little, expect failure on goals. You will not study effectively without sleep.
Lastly, always remember to have fun. After you achieved your first goal, get some time for yourself. Go to parties, or any other recreational activities that lets you socialize and relax.

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Time Management For Student Athletes

Time Management For Student Athletes - Appropriate Time Management for Student Athletes.

Time Management
For Student Athletes
Time Management For Student Athletes. In every game each second is very important. Anything can happen. A team can win or lose a crucial match within a matter of a few ticks of the clock.  
Just as well as for a student athlete, time is very critical. Each day should be productive. Being a student athlete is difficult. Their mind is divided into several goals. Their attention is also separated by other conditions like practice, championship games, curricular activities, examination date, and maintaining a good GPA (General Periodical Average).
Learning time management can help the student athletes to become more efficient. Practices, classes, games must have an allocated time. For most of the student athletes, time commitment must be viewed on different aspects.  
Time Management For Student Athletes. Student athletes should know and realize that they have extra responsibilities.  The student athletes should excel not only in sports but in their course programs as well. The academic progression is being monitored by the school administration and counselors. So, if the students fail to maintain their GPA, the school will automatically remove them from the team.
Setting goals and managing time can help the student athletes in adjusting their time and schedule. It can also increase the level of self-esteem.
Time Management For Student Athletes. To further discuss about time management for athletes. Here are some of the important insights that will give idea about the significance of time management.

  • The athletes must divide its time properly to maintain their progress academic report. The academic report is a very important basis. By having a falling grade on the academic report the coach can recommend the student for further evaluation.
  • Time management can also assist athlete students on how to have a solution about poor attendance.  Poor attendance can affect the status of the student’s academic level.
  • As a tool, time management can boost up the intensity of the students in academic excellence.
There are several schools and universities that have specialized curriculum to help student athletes.  In normal ways, the school have different program in order to encourage athletes to develop their talent. Even though the student athletes are very busy, the school should assist them in managing their school hours and goal setting.  
For example, there are some universities that offer a peer student athlete-tutoring program. The selected co-athletes balance their time to become mentors of other athletes.
Aside from that, in the United States, student athletes have a typical form of time management record. The school administration keeps a continuous observation about their academic and athletic environment and schedule. If the student needs assistance, the school can give an academic trainer.

Issues on time management is not an easy “immediate repair” or a one minute solution. The student must undergo a long intense procedure. The proper skill and techniques must change a student athlete’s life for the better. Here are some basic ways on how to balance the time of the athlete students.

  • Where does all the time go? The student athletes should monitor the time properly. There should be enough time for practice, classes and games.
  • Picture out goal and life objectives. As an athlete and a student as well, the individual should know what he really want in life. Is it to become a professional player, or the other way around? By asking this question the student will know what particular field he will concentrate on.
  • Make use of the word “no”. The student should have the ability to be more responsible. If the coach wants them to practice on Saturday and an exam was also scheduled the same day, he must make his own prerogatives.
The learning process of time management
As a student athlete, one of the major responsibilities is to recognize the strength and weaknesses of goal setting. Having enough of motivation techniques and skills can accomplish those set of goals.
Here are some essential directions in order to improve goal establishment and time motivation.   

  • The very first thing that a student should do is to analyze the time control style. Time must be spent wisely. The athlete must discover some skills in achieving their goals.
  • Learn the basic time development issues. The student must know how to practice motivation. Aside from that, managing stress and conflict can also increase development strategy.
  • Decision making is very important in learning the methods of time management. Through decision making, the student can evaluate strategy and essential setting standards.
A student should know the proper way of time management. Successful time management does not mean that every minute must be monitored. It only means one thing, use time wisely.

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Time Management For Nursing Students

Time Management For Nursing Students - Effective Time Management for Nursing Students

Time Management
For Nursing Students

Time Management For Nursing Students. Denise is a senior nursing student from a certain medical school in Illinois. After almost four years of nursing study, at first glance you can say that she surpassed everything, from accomplishing all the requirements of her academic subjects up to practical affiliations in the hospital. You will say that she is now ready to face the real world of nursing other people’s health.

Time Management For Nursing Students. Just like other baccalaureate degree students, nursing students also find similar problems especially when it comes to time management. They are also having difficulty in studying for their examination; moreover, they also tend to cram up during their on-duty training at the hospital. Although our country produces a large population of nursing graduates it does not suffice to the large number of nursing workforce required.

Nursing Shortage

As previously mentioned, time management problems tends other nursing students to shift to other baccalaureate degree courses. They cannot cope with the time pressure in their studies. As a result, there is nursing shortage in the country.

Time Management For Nursing Students. Although several demographic factors affect the nursing population, nursing students are still the bottom line—they are the future nurses. The lesser the population of a certain country, the lesser the need for nursing work force is in that country.

According to the National Student Nurses’ Association, there are different keys that a nursing student must have in order to succeed in their profession. They must have

  • The academic ability to pass all the required subjects;

  • Deep sense of responsibility to their chosen profession;

  • Acceptance and caring;

  • Eagerness to learn;

  • Enough confidence and determination to pursue their nursing career; and

  • Proper time management skills

Maybe it is the last key, but it is a top priority among nursing students and must include it in their studies. That is why college counselors and nursing faculties formulate time management strategies to help their nursing students—both regular and the distant learners—cope up with the possible pressures of nursing study.

Professional Nursing Program

All students taking up nursing degree courses undergoes professional nursing program. It includes extensive clinical practice component that demands more energy and time from students.

One important thing that time counselors remind to their students is to undertake a work schedule that will not jeopardize the completion of the program. Stick to the schedule they have formulated. If an unavoidable circumstance comes within their schedule, it is better that they can make it up to avoid further delay on other activities.

Effective Time Management Skills

What are the skills that you, as a nursing student needs in order to complete your professional nursing program and at the same time being successful in your chosen career? Look on the following items:

  • Be organized. Organize your activities according to your priorities. Use timesaving tools to keep track of your activities. Time calendars, appointment notes and file folders are some of the timesaving tools you can utilized. An organized workplace will also help in using your time efficiently.

  • Plan Ahead: Make a Realistic Schedule. Early in the semester, study and clinical duty schedules are already planned by your college administrators. It will be your basis on planning your other activities. Making a realistic schedule will help you to complete the necessary programs without bumping into ther activities as well.

  • Avoid Overloading. Nursing is a serious degree course. You also need to have a break in the midst of your school activities. You can include breaks of at least 10 to 15 minutes. Unwind yourself occasionally.

  • Practice Effective Study Techniques. It is better to be prepared rather than to lose in a fight. Consider your nursing classes as a battle: have your complete battle arsenal by being prepared on unannounced examinations and recitals. Develop your study habits especially before sleeping.

  • Always be Flexible. Expect the unexpected. In case you are sick, (especially on those times that you need to be on duty in the hospital), you must know how to rearrange your schedules according to necessity.

It is difficult to be a nursing student. With the keys of success and proper time management skills and strategies, you cannot regret the decision of taking a nursing college degree.

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Time Management For College Student

Time Management For College Student – Must - Have Time Management Tips For College Students.

Time Management For College Student
Time Management For College Student. In college, do not feel left out if you are unable to manage your time effectively. You are not alone. Majority of college students are having the same time management problems as you. You just do not know it.
Now that you are aware that time management is one of the most common problems being encountered by most college students, you probably would want to do something about it. Why? Because you do not want to be one of those who have not managed their time and found themselves not reaching their goals.
How do you go about having successful time management?
Time Management For College Student. All you need to do is reorganize how you approach your daily activities and change those that are not working effectively. The changes you have made should become a habit that needed to be done everyday.
You will see that you new habits can change your outlook in life. And if done correctly, you will have more personal time to do other things and activities in college that you have not done before. You will also gain more free time to enjoy.
Time management for college student will help you be more productive in anticipation of what lays ahead of you after college. This early you have to learn these things because they will prove to be very vital for you.
When you set off to working after you degree, your life will take on a new turn. Many of the employers who will encounter will pressure you to exert full time effort on your job. If you are just a beginner in this aspect, you will find yourself giving in to the hard work and pressure.
But if you have already learned time management skills as a college student, this would be a piece of cake to you. You will be more immune to the pressure put on you. You will know you way around it to come out successfully.
Below are some of the time-tested tips that will prove vital to your time management skills.
Have an organizer.
Nothing like having an organizer to list things that are needed to be done. Get a hold of one and start planning your schedule. Do not go overboard. Be realistic in listing out things to do.
Have a short and long-term goals set up.
In college, these goals would be just be term papers and other deadlines you need to meet. Take note of what will take your time more and what will not. You would want to start out early enough to prevent cramming when deadlines are nearly up.
Take note also of what will you need to achieve your tasks. Have you own planner and put all these important details there. You may want to update them regularly to see how far you are going. You can cross out what are finished.
Have difficult subjects studied first.
College subjects are not the same. Some are more difficult than others. You may find some of these are easier for you while you are having a difficult on another.
Try to give more time in studying the ones you find difficult. Unlike the easier subjects, you will need more time in catching up on things and understanding those subjects more.
Have a break.
There will be times when you need to get off your study table and relax for awhile. Go out and get some fresh air. Unwind with friends.
Studying too hard is not also healthy for a person. You have to have enough time to set aside studies to relax your mind from the pressure and stress. You will notice that once you get back to studying, you will have a clearer and fresh mind ready to tackle anything.
Have the time to help others.
If you find yourself in difficult situations, it is always a blessing when someone helps you get past that. Do your share and help others.
Oftentimes, these are times when you get to share ideas about college and about studying. Be open to all possibilities that are being presented to you.  
For college student, time management need not be a difficult task. You just have to know how to manipulate time and be its master, not the other way around.

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Time Management For College Athletes

Time Management for College Athletes - In a Healthy Body There is a Strong Soul. Extraordinary.

Time Management For College Athletes
Time Management For College Athletes. You finally made it through high school, passed your college entrance exams, and chose the university you are going to attend. Another great thing is that you have been given the opportunity to avail of scholarship for athletes.
You are excited, and at the same time nervous upon entering the college campus, you have no idea what to do next. You first visit your coach and he or she told you that practice starts early in the morning.
Time Management For College Athletes. After visiting your coach, you now go on to class. As a summary, the first day was not that bad, no assignments, no formal lectures, just plain introduction of the subject and course outline.
Next day, you wake up early in the morning, refreshed and ready to train. The coach is giving you a hard time, and you thought that it is only natural for coaches to give newbie’s a hard time.
Time Management For College Athletes. After training, you went to your dorm room to get ready for your class. You were in shock when you entered your first class, the professor who seemed so nice turned out to be your worst nightmare. The professor gave each of the students a 1500 word essay with a short deadline, and you thought that you could manage. On the next class, the situation gets worse.
After finishing the class you then go to the field and made friends with the other athletes, everyone was talking about party on that night and invited you to go. Of course, since you want to make an impression and seek their approval, you accepted.
Time Management For College Athletes. In the party, a thought occurred to you that you still have that 1500 word essay lingering in the back of your mind. Thinking that you can still manage and the deadline is not that short.
After the party, you’re tired and went to your dorm room, and as if all the things you experienced on that day wasn’t enough, your roommate was also having a small party in your dorm room, the music was loud, you couldn’t study, you couldn’t sleep and the place was a complete mess.
You then woke up tired and stressed out, you went to the practice field late, and your performance was the worst performance in your entire life and adding to your poor performance was the thought of the 1500 word essay. The coach was angry with you because of your performance, he was giving you a hard time and telling you to stay and clean the locker room.
At last, you finished cleaning the locker room and you go to your first class of the day quickly but still, ended up late. Your professor, as punishment does not let you into the class because of your tardiness.
The worst thing is that the professor was giving tips on how to write about the essay. You thought about failing the class but that would mean your athlete scholarship would be revoked.
All these may seem impossible but this situation truly happens to college athletes. They should have a more advanced time management skills. Being admitted to college is quite easy. The hard part is effectively managing your time to accomplish all the activities you involved with, and never neglecting your studies.
Many college students find it hard to effectively manage their time between studies and other extra-curricular and social activities. All these may seem easy for an athlete compared to how they are going to manage their time. They go through stressful trainings and could not afford to fail in their academics to enable them to keep competing and keeping their scholarship.
The sudden increase in responsibility is very shocking for college students, especially freshmen and college athletes. You just have to study harder and train harder because of the new level of competition.
You may be the track star back in high school, but in college, many competitors can easily match your record in high school. You have to train harder and study harder to keep competing in your sport.
Here are some time management tips for college athletes:
One of the first things you should include in your time management planning is study time. You have probably done it before back in high school, but it will be quite different in college. It will be a lot harder because you have a limited time for studying.
As a college athlete, you may have contradictions on your match schedules and your classes and even exams. Colleges offer tutors for college athletes to avoid missing their classes and school matches.
Try to talk to your professor about your schedule and he or she might consider transferring you to another class with the same subject on another time.
Once you develop effective time management skills, you will surely have time for your trainings, matches, study time, socializing, and your personal life.

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